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Assessment Weeks: August 28th to September 1st (Pre-Challenge Assessment) & October 2nd to 6th (Post-Challenge Assessment)  |  Fit in 30: September 4th to 29th  |  Waterloo-King Location

Core Exercise


Fit in 30 is a 30-day cross-training exercise program that runs from September 4th to 29th. This challenge works by utilizing various pieces of exercise equipment along with your own body weight to complete workouts. Each workout is designed to target strength, power, aerobic endurance, anaerobic endurance, and flexibility. Fit in 30 is designed to encourage and motivate gym members to achieve their health and fitness goals through workouts and healthy lifestyle practices performed at home, or in the fitness centre.


There is a pre challenge assessment week the week of August 28th and a post challenge assessment week the week of October 2nd. All participants must complete both these assessment weeks along with the challenge to be eliglible for a prize (must complete at least 3 workouts a week). At the end of every week participants are required to send their weekly workout tracker to the account manager via email (see the email below). Sign up for Fit in 30 by emailing:

*Must be a myFitness Waterloo member to participate


More questions email:

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