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Stretches for an Office Worker

September 19th 

Workshop will run from 12:20pm - 12:50pm. 

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Free for all Sun Life employees; retirees and advisors

Stretching is very important for people who have office jobs. Often the back muscles; shoulders; neck and core can become weakened or improperly balanced due to prolonged sitting. This is where we come in! At our Stretches for an Office Worker workshop we will go over various exercises and stretches to help you so your body doesn't feel so tight all the time. Along with this practical component there will also be an educational component involved where the instructor will go over anatomy and exercise programming.

Program Goal for Stretches for an Office Worker: Workshop
The goal of this workshop is to inspire you and keep you motivated in your journey towards optimal health. The program will provide you with the framework for proper stretching and allow you to understand how you should be sitting at your desk and how to correct any muscular imbalances you may have on your own once the workshop is over.

Program Offering:

  • 30 minute sessions delivered by a Pilates/ Yoga Instructor  

  • Discussion explaining how to incorporate the tools you’ve learned

  • You can use the lessons you learn in this workshop and incorporate them in everyday life

  • Time for questions and answers

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Instructor's Bio…


Alana Rigby loves to move, whether it' s teaching pilates, yoga, and aerial hammock or hiking, canoeing, and getting outdoors. She a is 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher and is certified in the Pilates Affect Method and Ashtaerial Yoga. Her classes challenge students while also making sure they smile - she values fun, positive energy, and creating a safe and inclusive environment for growth whenever she teaches. When she's not teaching and moving, Alana is an avid reader, photographer, and cat cuddler. She is also a published writer of short stories. Ask her for book recommendations because she loves talking books.

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