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Can you put your health first for just 21 days?

Ditch the “I’ll start next Monday” mindset with 21 daily,  bite-sized habits anyone can stick to with the 21-Day Habit Challenge!


Struggling to stick to healthy habits you know would help you look, feel, and perform at your best?

You’re not alone. In fact, The United Health Foundation found in a recent study that 70% of adults in the U.S. report having at least one unhealthy habit they know they need to break … and another study showed that 61% of adults picked up bad habits over the last few years alone.

If that’s you, maybe one or more of these sound familiar …

You’re spending way more time in front of a screen than getting outside

You’re having trouble sticking to a workout routine for more than a few days, weeks, or months at a time

You’re eating greasy takeout meals more than you’d like to admit

​You’re reaching for the wine, beer, or other vices to cope with stress after a long day

​You keep buying water bottles so you remember to drink more water but you can never remember to fill them…

And maybe the list goes on ...

Or, maybe your list looks a little different, but you know you could stand to eat a little healthier, get in a few more workouts, carve out more time to take care of yourself, and start putting your health first …

That’s where "The 21-Day Habit Challenge" comes in!


Make bite-sized shifts to create lasting results in just 21 days

A 21-Day Habit Challenge Success Guide

Weekly Emails

to help you implement brand new healthy habits and give you the tools and strategies you need to hit your goals faster

to get help you stay on track for the 21 days of the challenge!

Habit Tracking Worksheets

Dedicated Habit Focused Workshops

to help you stay accountable to your habit changes

to help give you the tools to refine, improve, and stick to your new changes

Links to additional resources

Kick Off Event

so you can find content, resources and support with your focused habits

to answer all of your questions and get your inspired for change

Join the 21 Day Habit Challenge
Challenge starts September 9, 2024

Registration opens August 15, 2024

Work hard - get rewarded.

Submit your habit tracking worksheet at the end of the challenge and be entered to win a prize!

One winner will be selected to win a $xx Gift Card + a free Wellness Coaching Package

All those who submit their habit tracking worksheet will be offered a discount for Wellness Coaching to help you reach your healthy habit goals. ​

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