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4 Weeks  |  3 Tasks  |   1 Winner

October 2 - 27, 2023

Your mission, should you choose to accept it...

Mission:LIVWell challenges your team of 2-4 competitors against other teams to see who can consistently complete 3 wellness objectives per week for 4 weeks.  

To compete in Mission:LIVWell, you must:


  • Register your team using the registration form below

  • Watch your inbox every Monday morning in the month of October to receive your LIVWell BINGO Card

    • Each card will be catered to a different wellness pillar (physical, mental, social, and healthy eating)​

    • Your goal is to select and complete 3 tasks from each week that allow you complete a line

  • Once you have completed a task, you will click on the square you completed on your PDF and add a picture

    • We know it sounds tricky, but the video below shows how easy it is to add your images

  • You have until Friday of that week to return your card with a completed row to​

How do we win Mission:LIVWell?

Each week that your entire team submits a completed card, your team earns a point.  At the end of the challenge, the teams with the most points will be added to a draw for our grand prize.

What can we win with Mission:LIVWell?

In the spirit for giving back, our winning team will we receive a $50 gift card to the location of their choice, and myFitness (LIV North) will also make a $100 donation to the charity of their choice.

How To Use Card

Check out how easy it is to complete your card!

Sign Up

Join Mission:LIVWell Now!

Note - at least 1 team member must be a myFitness member (virtual or onsite).
Not a member?  Click here or contact us to learn more.

Thanks for registering to our Mission:LIVWell.  Check your inbox shortly for a welcome message.  If you do not receive anything, please contact us at

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