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Learn to Lift
(Four Week Workshop)

October 10th; 17th; 24th and 31st 

Workshop will run from 4:45pm - 5:45pm. 

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Free for myFitness Members and $40/ non-members

Learn to lift is a four week program designed to teach participants how to lift weights properly. Over the four weeks we will go over exercises like deadlifts; squats; push press and cleans. Special attention will be given to ensure that participants are lifting with proper technique and progressing or regressing the exercises appropriately. 

Program Goal for Stretches for an Office Worker: Workshop
The goal of this workshop is to inspire you and keep you motivated in your journey towards optimal health. The program will provide you with the framework for proper weightlifting and allow you to understand how you should be lifting when your at the gym.

Program Offering:

  • 1 hour sessions delivered by a certified personal trainer

  • Sample workouts, so participants will be able to see how to best implement the exercises into their current routines

  • Learn exercise cues to ensure proper technique and appropriate rest lengths between sets/ exercises based on their goals.

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Instructor's Bio…


Josh loves to workout. From a young age Josh has been active and he is excited to share his weightlifting expertise with Sun Life employees. In addition to his weightlifting experience Josh participates in Taekwondo where he holds a fourth degree blackbelt and competes on a semi-regular basis. Josh looks forward to teaching this workshop and helping Sun Life employees reach their health and fitness goals.

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