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We Want Your Feedback about myFitness!

As a Sun Life Employee in Waterloo, your feedback is very valuable in helping us to understand your interests and shape the future of our on-site myFitness facility! 


We are interested in hearing from Employees who were previously myFitness members and those who have never been members. (If you are a current myFitness member, please complete the survey sent to you by email). 


Please fill out this quick survey and let us know your thoughts. 

Please complete by December 20th 2023. 

Are you a previous member of the on-site Waterloo fitness centre?
On a scale, how motivated are you to improve your overall health and wellness
Not at allMaybeSomewhatMostly motivatedVery motivated
What do you feel are your barriers to joining the On-site (Waterloo) Fitness Centre?
Please Select what Group Fitness Classes you would participate in if offered. Select all that apply.
Please select what time you would likely want to attend a group fitness class. Select all that apply
If the fitness centre was open on the weekend, would you come?
What on-site offerings would encourage you to join the gym?
Would you like to see a day pass option available?

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

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