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June 3-28, 2024

Grab a partner and join this race from coast to coast - in person or virtually!


Through this 4 week journey you will be asked to complete weekly challenges related to fitness, mindfulness and nutrition, with the occasional road block or speed bump thrown your way.


At the end, all teams that successfully reach the finish line will be entered into the draw for one of our grand prizes!

Keep reading to explore more challenge details and to sign you and your partner up.

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How the Amazing Race Challenge Works

Weekly Challenges:
  • Every Monday at 10am AT/9am ET/ 7am MT/6am PT the weekly challenge will be e-mailed to all participants and placed on the facebook page.

  • These challenges will all include a physical element shared between your team and must be completed and submitted before the end of the week.

  • Once your team has completed the required challenges to progress to the next pit stop, you will submit your completion form and all required documentation to receive details on your next destination.

  • Some challenges can be completed inside, some require you to head outdoors, and all are designed to help you feel great, work towards your goals and have fun!

Road Block & Detour Challenges:
As with any good road trip, there are always some roadblocks and detours along the way.
  • Road Blocks and detours will be e-mailed to all participants and will also be added to the facebook page.
  • Detours offer you and your teammate the option to complete a Mindfulness or a Nutrition based challenge.  Both team members must complete the same challenge and submit your completion details before the end of the week.

  • Road Blocks are a physical fitness challenge that only 1 team member has to complete and submit, but we always encourage teamwork and supporting each other, so try the challenge together.  The roadblock must be complete and submitted by the end of the week as well.


Selecting Your Team

For the Amazing Race we ask you to sign up with a partner


Your partner can be a co-worker, family member, friend, anyone that you can work with to accomplish your weekly challenges.


Your partner can be a myFitness Waterloo member or any Sun Life employee.  If you are participating in the Amazing Race but not a myFitness waterloo member you will be able to use the gym for Amazing Race related activities for the duration of the challenge. Gym memberships are open to Sun Life employees, adult family members (same household) and Sun Life retirees.  CLICK HERE to learn more about myFitness memberships.


The Prize!

The winning team of the Amazing Race will be selected by a random draw from those teams that complete all challenges.


Our winning team will have a $100 donation made on their behalf to the charity of their choice as well as each team member will receive a $25 e-gift card to the location of their choice.

Finishing Line

Are you ready to join!
Registration open now!

Amazing Race Registration

Is Team Member 1 a myFitness member?
Is Team Member 2 a myFitness member?

Thanks for registering for the Amazing Race! We will be in touch soon with more information.

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