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Kickstart to Summer - 26 Day Fitness Challenge 


*This is a self-directed challenge. Participants are too complete these exercises on their own or with a partner and ask questions through the forum. Must be a myFitness Waterloo member to participate.


The 26 Day Fitness Challenge is here to add some variety to your workouts. Complete one      mini-workout a day starting on June 5th (workout #1). These workouts will add 2-5 new exercises to your daily routine.  There will be at home and gym workout options available everyday. If you have any questions about any exercises or the workout for that day just post in the forum and somebody will be there to help.


  • Complete one mini-workout a day (start at Day 1)

  •  Post your workout time on the forum every Wednesday (timed workouts)​

  • Must complete all 26 mini-workouts by the end of the month



There will be a draw at the end of the month where one lucky participant will win a free one hour personal training session and a water bottle.

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