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Physical Wellness Workshops

Wellness is the consistent practice of healthy habits each day, aiming to improve physical and mental well-being. 

We Want to Help Your Day Be Better

Taking physical breaks can reduce stress, increase productivity, decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease and improve cognitive performance.


Team Leaders can book us to come to your meetings, team huddles, summits, or town halls; we can provide stretch breaks, mini workouts, and energy breaks. We will leave you and your team feeling refreshed and able to focus for the rest of your day.

These events are not pre-scheduled; rather, we would come to you and your team as an ice breaker or a break during a long meeting. 

What Can We Offer?

Stretch Breaks

A stretch break provides a brief pause during a period of physical inactivity. When a person engages in stretching exercises it alleviates tension, improve flexibility, and reduce the risk of muscular discomfort. 

Energy Breaks

An energy break is a short pause during the day taken to re-energize and revitalize oneself. Unlike a stretch break, which primarily focuses on physical relaxation, an energy break is more about mental and emotional refreshment. 

10 Minute Workouts

A 10-minute workout is a quick and efficient exercise routine designed to help you stay active. While it may not replace longer workouts, a 10-minute workout can be a great option for days when you have limited time or as a way to boost your energy throughout the day.

Functional Fitness

A functional fitness workshop is an educational and practical program that focuses on improving physical health and well-being through exercises and activities that mimic real-life movements and improve one's ability to perform daily activities effectively. Functional fitness emphasizes strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance.

How to get Started in your fitness journey

We will teach you how to start your fitness journey. This program is a valuable and supportive tool designed to help individuals take their first steps toward a healthier and more active lifestyle. These workshops will provide information, practical guidance, and motivation to help participants overcome barriers and initiate a successful fitness journey.

Yoga Instructor

These sessions are for teams, ask your team leader to book one today!

Sport Exercise

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